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Donate to us by shopping!

Kroger already donates a portion of what you spend. Click for an easy guide on how to tell them you want the funds to go to us.

Rental assistance?

We no longer take any applications for rental assistance and are no longer part of any rental assistance program.

If you are needing assistance with rent, please click the link below to visit Rentful614 to find an organization that can help you.

Who we are

An outreach agency (501(c)3) created to assist people who have been impacted by the justice system, incarceration, and probation. We also serve Veterans and those who struggle in poverty. Our Goal is to H.E.L.P. each person find success within their community that fits their definition of success.


Grow Your Skills and Career with Grow with Google at The H.E.L.P. Center!

  • Learn basic digital skills

  • Advance your online knowledge

  • Take the first step toward a new career by earning a Google certificate 

  • Get a scholarship from us for the full cost!


Short-term housing for justice-impacted individuals

  • Rent covered for initial 45 days

  • Affordable rent for up to 6+ months

  • Serves those who have difficult finding housing elsewhere

  • Partnerships with local landlords

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Restorative Residences

How We Help


Our Partners

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